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1) If you have a 2x4 that is 10'6" and you cut off 22", what does the the length of the 2x4 become?
2) What is the actual width of a standard 2x4?
3) Roughly how many linear feet of base molding would you need to install in a 12' x 10' room with one 36 door?
4) What is the average percentage of material overage you should add to essentially all estimates?
5) How many quarts of paint equal a gallon?
6) What is the square footage of a 6x8 room?
7) What is the best type of tool for drilling a 5/8 hole in solid concrete?
8) At what temperature does water begin to freeze (Fahrenheit)?
9) Who is the current Vice President of the USA?
10) What is your Favorite movie? Favorite T.V. show?

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We paint home interiors and exteriors in New Smyrna, Port Orange and Daytona Beach. Trim carpentry in
Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange. Crown molding in Daytona and Port Orange. Siding,
doors and windows in Holly Hill and Daytona. Pressure washing in Port Orange and Ormond Beach.